HH: Baby rescued alive two days after going missing

HH: Baby rescued alive two days after going missing

A 9-month old baby who was separated from her 9-year old brother on Tuesday during the peak of Hurricane Harvey has been rescued alive by a Virginia Emergency Response Team.

The mother, Anna, told the press that the baby was with her son when as she tried assisting her disable husband to flee the disaster.

The baby, whose name was only given as Jenny was treated immediately by a medical team from the Red Cross as they headed to the hospital.

Jenny appeared very weak.

Members of a Virginia Beach-based emergency team had been at a command center for less than 10 minutes when they got their first assignment: Evacuate residents from an apartment complex where water was up to 6 feet deep in some areas.

Jenny was rescued when dead bodies were being retrieved from a basement of a building in Houston.

Floodwater almost completely covered street signs. Residents on their balconies waved excitedly at the rescuers on the flat-bottom boats as they powered in.

President Trump has pledged $1 million of his personal money to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey in both Texas and Louisiana, the White House said Thursday.

“The president is pledging a million dollars of personal money to help,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters in the press briefing Thursday.

Sanders said that the president asked that she “check with” reporters for “suggestions” on groups and organizations that would be “best and most effective in providing aid.”

Sanders was asked whether Trump would pay the $1 million from his personal funds, or from the Trump Organization.

“I know the president said he was going to give—I don’t know the legal part of exactly that, but he said his personal money,” Sanders answered. “So I assume that comes directly from him.”

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